Why yet another newsletter?

I decided to start this initiative as an attempt to demystify space tech, to make folks outside the “space bubble” understand developments in the space industry and how they impact life and business on Earth. I am thinking, “Space for Non-Specialists” - investors who want to get on the space tech bandwagon, professionals working in other industries and everyone else - less focused on what goes on in space, but more focused on how it impacts those living outside the space bubble, on Earth.

Why am I doing this?

I transitioned into the space industry a few years ago and quickly realised there is so much going on within space tech with direct and indirect impacts on Earth, but very few of those outside the space bubble people pay attention to this, nor do they find plentiful sources that explain to them in plain, simple language what’s going on and why they should care, from a commercial point of view.

What can you expect?

About 2 emails a month.

On the first day of each month, you will receive a newsletter (like this) containing:

  • Seen From Space: Five important developments in the space industry from the previous month you need to know about.

  • TerraWatch Space - the Podcast: A link to the recent episode(s) of my podcast, TerraWatch Space.

  • Space4Earth: One cool application of space technology on Earth that caught my attention (like this one).

Around the middle of the month, you will receive a blog post which could be:

  • A market map of the space industry (or a specific domain of space tech), like this.

  • A thought piece including my perspectives on the developments in different domains of space tech, like this.

  • An analysis / overview of key trends in the space industry like this.

Some additional surprises every now and then, yet still focusing on the core mission of “demystifying space technologies impacting life and business on Earth.

In any case, you will receive no more than 3 emails per month - I know you get plenty of them!



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